Tofurkey in Michigan City.

It was all about the food.

We had to ride the shortbus there but thats ok it had a porthole.

On the way we saw many interesting things including this poster which we decided we needed, and an old abandoned Frank Lloyd Wright house. Bill and Jay had brought provisions cranberry bread, mashed sweet potatoes and tofurkey) so in case we broke down or there wasn't food at Deborah's mom's we had something to eat.

We finally found the house in Michigan City, dinner wasn't ready yet so we went to the beach. Judy gave us some bread to make a trail so we could find our way back and in case we got hungry.

We found a lot of sea debris. (see below)
The tofurkey was a big hit. Bill was a bit upset I think cuz he didn't think it was funny at all.
I stole the wish sticks cuz they were just too weird.

We were given individual food packs for the ride back, mine included cigarettes. Deborah made me sing a song. Judy had gone into a bakery when she was really hungry so she had ALOT of these cookies. They kind of sucked.

- Melinda Fries