Pizza Bunny Exposed!


Cheese, sleaze, and dirty knees for the youngster in us all!

Looking back on certain fucked-up aspects of my childhood lately--and, believe me, there are a lot--I recently got to reflecting on how our local Pizza Bunny family restaurant franchise was the most completely fucked-up place I've ever been to in my life.

Whoever came up with the Pizza Bunny concept must have been some fat, greasy pervert. It was a loud, flashy combination of video games and singing animal robots surrounding tables where you could eat crappy food. In that way, Pizza Bunny was like a lot of other chain restaurants, but more of my friends managed to get molested there in a shockingly short amount of time than any other place that I can remember.

It's all still so vivid to me: Pizza Bunny's waste-soaked playgrounds and ball pits and tunnels and hard wood and hot slides that I would split my lips on because I would slip and fall. There were also tube slides I'd get stuck in and almost suffocate because some lard ass decided to go ahead of me and plug the shit up. This was by far the dirtiest, most disgusting playland I've ever been to. Still!

First and worst of all, there was this area which could not have been designed for anything else except for defiling the innocent. It was a room that was about 12 feet by 12 feet and whatever genius designed it decided that it would have lights that would go on for about 20 seconds, and then flash on and off, and then it would stay dark for like two full minutes. More than enough time to for a short blowjob, or hand-job, or use your imagination.

I remember the ceiling was really low, designed for little people only, and it seemed empty a lot, but these pock-marked sleazeballs used to sneak in there and grope away. It happened all the time.

My father was a sick man and never hesitated to tell me about sex crimes against the under-aged. I think he got off on it in some weird way.

But, being an only child, I often would venture into Pizza Bunny's most foreboding chamber by myself. It reeked like a Port-A-Potty. Everything there was constantly being pissed on, but I'll get into that later. Sometimes kids would even shit in there. Still, I'd go in for a "surprise" until, after a few years of complaints, Pizza Bunny shut that room down.

Years later, I went to Chicago's premiere gay porn theater/cruising joint, The Bijou. As I took in the Bijou's smell of open-asshole and cum, while I was cruising down blow job alley, gazing at the glory holes, I was reminded of Pizza Bunny.

I'm surprised that Pizza Bunny didn't have a sex-swing suspended from its ceiling somewhere. Maybe it did, and I never noticed it. I was too busy wondering what weirdo was lurking in the corner eyeing me up and down back then. It was a similar feeling to that I had when I visited The Bijou, except they do have a sex swing. I think whoever designed The Bijou must have had something to do with the design of that Pizza Bunny.

The Pizza Bunny ball pit was another treat. It seems like most places would keep their ball pits at around two feet deep, so that you could easily move around and stand up if you had to. The Pizza Bunny ball pit went four feet down.

I remember this because, many times, my small ass got trapped underneath the balls and some stinking, shit-covered piglet climbed on top of me and I almost suffocated. My mom also told me that she had many memories of me disappearing in the ball pit for hours on end.

For some reason, kids reverted to hamster behavior in the pit. Each ball had its own special scent of piss and shit mixed with barf and bologna--the way that kids who smell each have their own smell.

At least at the splooge-basted Bijou, they hose the equipment off, and I'm sure that similar bodily fluids were not foreign to this ball pit. It was so sick. And getting stuck in there and trying to come up for air when some 200-pound blob with big gym shoes is stepping on your head is not pleasant.

I don't understand why the pit was four feet deep, except so that adults could wade in for whatever purpose. Yes, they allowed adults in the ball pit.

And then there were the tunnels.

The tunnels, again, were big enough for adults, so they'd stuff their fat asses into them and create huge traffic jams. I recall, on certain occasions, unfortunately running into some nasty perv who had plopped into the tube and then having them proposition me.

Actually "proposition" is not quite the right word. I didn't know what they were doing at the time, but an adult sitting in a piss-stained tunnel--just, like, "hanging out"--is a rather bizarre sight.

They were probably the ones pissing in there too, because the kids were running around, but the adults would just stay in one place and try to play with random kids. Even at a young age I remember thinking this place was fucked up.

Another time the Pizza Bunny himself--some teenager in an Italian rabbit costume--came out and tried to choke me when I hugged him. I mean, he just choked me, and I wasn't one of those asshole kids that like fucked with him or pulled on his tail or tried to knock his head off. All I did was go up to the Pizza Bunny and try to hug him and he fucking choked me.

After about 70 reports of wrong-doing, the authorities tore down the Pizza Bunny and made way for a less fucked up Little Caesars. It was sort of sad to see it go, because I cannot remember a single place that was so sleazy.

Pizza Bunny was a beautiful place. It was where I learned to feel love, and I will never forget it.


- Meg McCarville, aka Lil Princess