Saturdays: 2-6pm (or 8)
600 block N. Michigan Ave

I really like this laughing guy who reminds me of Mikey. He's a lot taller and his beard is shorter (no braids) but at first glance you're like - hey, Mikey's in town. But it's this other guy. He talks back over his shoulder while he walks as if a whole crowd of people are with him. Just walking down Michigan Ave. on Sat. afternoon, blabbing away. But he's by himself and people tend to make a wide arc around him.

Some people walk around with the most amazing amount of accessories. Kids, dogs, cellphones, shopping bags, cameras, coffees. Not just the breeders, although they have extra possibilities due to the stroller options. In a few years they can start replacing these with American Girl Place options.

Then a bald, 30 something guy - all in black - wearing a hard-plastic black backpack that always surprises me when he walks by and makes me think of lugeing, well sled riding at least. If he fell backwards on a hill he would just sled down it. OK, there would have to be snow. It would hurt though. He probably wouldn't go very fast either.

There really are a lot of women who still have lapdogs that they carry around in their purses. You know, I guess I just never think about this fact very often and when I see it I'm always taken aback. Not only does it look totally absurd but since that bitch of a chihuahua bit me last year I'm leery of little dogs. Also it just doesn't seem very practical. I would like to see them all with battery operated ones instead. The kind that do little back flips.

I got a break, went for coffee. Saw a dead bird in the park at Illinois and State (across from the 'white hen open 24 four hours'). I wondered if I should call it in to the WNV hotline (west nile virus). I wonder what they tell you to do, if you have to describe the birds death face. But it might have smashed itself into the windows of the hotel next door. Plus if I call in the dead bird they would probably bother the guy sleeping on the grass next to it, or tell me to dispose of it properly. runs by. Russian commie guy walks by with his posterboards and binder clips. Peace and Love hand drawn in purple ink (on midi jeans jacket) wearing slippers lady. Pirate guy (he has a stick).

A cheerful woman comes in and wants to smash the spider that's crawling down the wall. She actually says, I'm going to kill this, if that's ok? I said, hey no way I have enough bad luck these days. Her smile got crooked.

Why are those greeter/valet/whatever guys at The Intercontinental wearing tan safari hats that you see in old movies. Pith helmets. Bogart and Hepburn.

Then a woman who used to work at Nordstrom (third floor) came in and told me all about the weather. She needed three kleenexes to freshen up. She had a lot of accessories as well. She told me about working at Nordstrom's and trying to make it to church on time that morning, as she removed all of her really large jewelry and put it in her purse because she was just too hot honey, I'm telling you. It was all very complicated.

I do get to see a lot of T & A passing by but the botox faces just have no appeal for me.

Mick Jagger passed by. No shit. I looked to his left - a very large bald man was walking with him. Body guard. It really was Mick Jagger. (5 shows? that many people in Chicago want to see this band?). I looked back at him. He reminded me of K. Bott. We nodded. They crossed the street to Hammacher Schlemmer. I giggled.

A handful of scraggly kids selling M&M's for their basketball team, although since their ages range from 8-15, not sure what league they might be in. Super automatic pilot. The flyer about their team that they wave around are all creased from folding. I bummed a light off the girl holding the cash. They seemed to do pretty well. They're extremely singleminded about it. It took them all day to stop asking me if I wanted candy.

Hare Krishna's - haven't seen them in a while. There were only 5 of them but they were extremely enthusiastic. Pretty bedraggled though. Heavy wool socks with velcro sandals is just wrong.

- Melinda