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OHIO WEIRDNESS or how my ass broke a window.

When you're eleven or twelve and an exhibitionist like myself, the idea of mooning people has a certain attractiveness to it. All it takes is a couple of like minded delinquents and there are going to be butt naked juveniles everywhere. Or at least across the street in the grade school playground terrorizing less adventurous kids. Anyway, at some point during our obscene antics one of my friends decides we're not reaching our full potential audience and that we need to share our gifts with everyone inside the school as well. So, with asses pressed against windows and everything going as planned we were reaching our zenith, our moment of glory when suddenly I found myself falling through the window ass first. My friends took to rolling around on the ground laughing and somehow I was able to get back to my feet, red faced with glass in my ass. Later, while my mother was removing the sacred shards from my ass with tweezers and a flashlight, it occurred to me that she didn't even ask how it happened. I guess after raising my three older brothers nothing could have surprised her.

- Randy