NYC #3


I was walking very fast down Broadway in Brooklyn on my way to the J train. I had to be somewhere soon and as usual I was late. I was walking really fast in that New York dodging people way. Zipzwoop through and around bodies without ever really looking at anyone full in the face. I saw an opening in the traffic on the street and without pausing shifted to the left. As I was stepping out over the curb I looked up and across the street. At that moment there was an opening in the bodies on the other sidewalk. It was like a curtain parting. Standing against the wall of a bodega was a voluptuous hispanic woman in her mid thirties or so. She had her hips cocked to the side and was looking off into the distance, slowly smoking a cigarette. Next to her was her kid (I assume) riding a quarter pony ride. The kid was gone into her own head totally absorbed by that plastic horse. Her body rocked perfectly with that of the ride, keeping perfectly still she let it take her off the street and somewhere else. She wasn't smiling, she had a very still expression of concentration on her face. Exactly like that of her mother. Seeing them somehow made time slow down. It might have been only ten seconds that I stood there but it shifted my entire perception of where I was and where I was going.

- Melinda Fries