NYC #2


We (5 of us) went for a Sunday morning concert at the Cloisters. The Cloisters are at the very top of Manhattan, a museum constructed out of many styles of different European churches. Anyway, we went up there one weekend morning to hear a medieval concert and of course were late, so we didn't get seated. We wandered around the museum for awhile and then went walking around the park that surrounds the place. It's full of paths and big granite rocks. It was February, a thaw after a really cold spell, so the hills were all ice but super slick to slide down. We went down this path and stopped under a bridge and were just hanging around when someone said hey no way look over there. Lying in the bushes was this old dead guy. We walked over, as close as each of us dared and I think everyone had a similar thought - something about oh, so this is what its like to find a dead body. No one wanted to be the one to call the police (because being young artists in NYC we were all high on heroin) and somehow it ended up being me. I had to go up and talk my way into the subway station and then got put on hold. But the police showed up pretty fast and the best part was watching them climb down the ice hill. They weren't too happy about that. They all had on those shiny black police shoes that have no tread. We waited for awhile because we wanted to know how they were going to pick up the guy. He was frozen to the ground. We found out all about him when we went back up the hill. He was an old retired man that had been missing for a month. It became much closer to us as we talked to people around the neighborhood and I can still see him lying there in the snow all frozen.

- Melinda Fries