It was kind of Thursday or something before Christmas last year. The shops were still open, although it was beginning to become late. A uncommon, not to say unique situation. Remember: It was the second month in history of - former West- and now New-United-Germany when shops were allowed to open till 8p.m. during the week. This so called industrialized and modern country finally decided to liberate shopping for an additional one and a half hours a day. Great, isn't it? And what happened? I saw people (not only shop owners and employees) in TV talkshows screaming the end of the world has come and personal freedom would not longer exist etc.

Well, most shops in Berlin close anyway at 6 p.m. (before and after the change), but a few days before Christmas, here, in the most famous shopping street of Neukðlln (the New Jersey of Berlin) THE SHOPS WERE OPEN, LIGHTS EVERYWHERE, PEOPLE IN THE STREET.

Wondering, I got out of the subway passing a "Christkindelsmarkt" on my way to the swimming hall where some music video shooting I wanted to visit took place, when I recognized this girl walking the same direction in front of me.

Looking a little displaced in her spice-girl outfit she talked to her mobile phone. I tried to understand something and moved closer. Always trying to look busy and not to be recognized. In between all the street trouble I could catch parts of English spoken sentences.
"That's not my opinion"
"I can't have a rope around my neck"
"So we're not together any longer"
Can't remember if she said good bye to whoever was on the line.
Crossing "Karl-Marx-Straße" I lost her.

- Martin