I sent this to www.mufon.com a couple months ago

This would be our second morning in the country of Belize (city of Dangriga). We decided the night before that we would sleep on the beach on the edge of the town to save a couple bucks plus we would get to use our new tent. We set the alarm for about 3:45am, we needed time to pack up the tent and get to the road to catch the 4:30am bus out of town. Still black as night, we pack the tent. P is folding up the last of the tent, I look across the silhouetted field (about 400-600 feet west)to the road that bordered the east side of town to kind of reestablish the path that we would need to walk to get back to town. Since there were only a minimal of 3 or 4 street lamps in view, it was relatively noticeable to see the small cluster of lights hovering above the treeline of town (it was difficult to tell how much further inland the object was from us, I'd guess about a mile though, possibly the past the west edge of town). The cluster of lights combined was not nearly as bright as the street lamps, but brighter than bright stars. They appeared as if they were part of one object since they all moved in sync, appearing as if there were under a flat surface determined from the slight wobble. I couldn't tell if the shape was square, triangle or circular, but I believe that it was a circular disk shape. I can't totally recall this, but believe the lights were arranged in a triangular or symmetrical polygonal pattern under the object. I'm certain no lights appeared on top of the object. At this point I was hesitant to believe it was a space craft, so knowing this, I tried to see anything that would prove otherwise. I couldn't really hear anything but the sound of the roaring tide on the beach, so can't say if there were any sounds; although I'm certain that if this object was a helicopter, I would of taken notice. I'm staring at this for maybe about 10 seconds, it is just sorta hovering, slightly bobbing up and down, but not spinning; the lights weren't spinning at least. Eventually, I ask P, who is still folding the last of the tent, to take a look off into the direction I was looking(still to the West). P looked up and seem to acknowledge immediately what I saw. Then about 5 seconds later, from object quickly travelled north (approx. 5 seconds) in a straight line until it was out my eyesite or it may have turned transparent so it wouldn't be seen, I couldn't really determine which had happened. To me what seemed incredible about this object was the moment it started moving north its velocity was virtually instant (just a guess, but maybe 60-100mph), it didn't seem to have gradually sped up, it just went, seeming to defy physics. To me this would be moment where I would have to say I saw a unidentified craft of some sort. P's reaction was something like a spooked out version of "Okay, let's get out of here." We left. It took us about 10-15 minutes to get in town to the main road to catch the bus. There were probably 2 or 3 other people in view at various points on the road also waiting presumably for the bus. It made me wonder if anyone else saw or could of saw what we had seen, how often it happens.

- wheat