Things I learned While Walking with Luke

Here are some memorable conversations I had with my 2 year old son Luke during out daily walks around the neighborhood. Like kids his age Luke is a very curious walker. He wants to touch and play with everything. It takes forever to get anywhere with him. I have tried to learn to cope with this wondering slowness of his. The emphasis is on trying. Nonetheless out walks have always been fun and educational mostly on my part as a mother.


Damaged = Hurt

Luke: "Mommy. That car hurt."

M: "No. Cars don't get hurt. They get damaged."

L: "That car s hurt."

M: "No Luke. Cars have no feelings. They don't get hurt. They get damaged."

L: "This car damaged. Mike fix it."

M: "Yes Mike will fix it."

L: "Mommy. That SUV s hurt. His eye s hurt."

M: "No Luke, remember cars are not alive. They can't feel. His front light is damaged. He needs a new one."

L: "Mike fix it."

M: "Yes. Mike's a busy man."

L: "Mommy look. Mini Cooper over there."

M: "Oh yes"

L: "He s not hurt. He s blue."

M: "Yes. He is a nice looking car. You have good eyes."

L: "I like him."

L: "Look Mommy. This car, this door s hurt."

M: "Yes. He's hurt.


Mommy Mad

Mommy: "Luke, can you please walk like a human being?"

M: "Can you walk nicely?"

M: "Come on Luke. You're too slow."

M: "Let's go. Let's go. Let's go."

M: "Come on. Don't touch that. It's dirty. Don't pick up things on the ground."

M: " Let's get a move on it shall we?"

Luke: "Mommy carry."

M: "No Luke. You're too heavy. Let's walk."

L: "I don't want to walk."

M: "Well. You said you wanted to go outside. We're almost there. It's getting dark. Let's go."

M: "Come on."

M: "Can you stop lollygagging? It takes forever to get anywhere with you?"

M: "Luke. Don't touch that."

L: "Mommy mad."

L: "Mommy mad."

M: "Oh Luke. Mommy is not mad at you. I just want to get there."

L: "Yeah."

M: "Do you understand?"

L: "Yeah. Get there."

M: "Yes. I see there but we're here. I want to go there."

L: "Over there. Mommy go there."

M: "Mommy wants to go over there. But we're over here."

L: "Over there. Over here."

M: "Let's go buddy."

L: "Yeah"



Mommy: "Come here Luke. Look ants. See them?"

Luke: "This one. This one."

M: "He's looking for something to eat. Can you see where he's going?"

L: "Yeah. Over there. There. Another one."

M: "They're hard working ants. They're looking for food to bring back."

L: "Mommy kill it."

M: "No. Luke."

L: "Daddy kill it"

M: "Daddy won't kill an ant."

L: "I kill it."

M: "Let him be. He is minding his own business."

L: "Mommy ant bug. Kill bug."

M: "Ants are good. They're good bugs. We don't hurt ants. He's not bothering you."

L: "Skeeters bad."

M: "Yes mosquitoes are bad. That we kill."

(looking again at the ants)

L: "He s turning. He s going over there. Let me see."

M: "Luke This little guy is carrying a piece of an apple. See how strong he is?"

L: "I want to see. I want to see. He strong Mommy."

M: "Yes he is."

L: "Let me see. Oops! Oops mommy. I stepped on it."

M: "You did?"

L: "Yeah. I kill it."

M: "Oh no."

L: "I stepped on it. Oops.


- Vivian Yu