I found the following egregious defacements of public property while I was out walking my dog in my adopted neighborhood of Jamaica Plain (south of Roxbury, which is south of Boston proper). I like having a dog because it forces me to take walks around my house twice a day... while I'm walking, I look for abnormalities, few and slight as they might be. I gather intelligence about the area. Anyway, one day when I was walking home from school I saw a handwritten message in spray paint that said, "DROP OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL." It was painted over by the next morning, but over the next couple weeks I saw more directives popping up all over the park. Some are still there, although most have been painted over by now (this was in October).

Dessert For Dinner

Stay Out Late

Skip School

Burn Homework

Junk Food

Say No To Bedtime

Stay Up Late

Candy For Breakfast

Serious Get Cavities


from Juliayn Coleman