Goodhue County #2


Flowerboat: This was along the the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail, an old railroad converted to a bike path. Some businesses along the path are thoughtful enough to decorate for passers-by.


Green Plastic: This assortment of green plastic items found me outside of the town of Nerstrand. It was very hilly around here, these folks have to drag their garbage and recycling down a quarter mile drive way every week. I carry mine down three flights of stairs.


Trail Sign: The Cannon Valley Trail, another former railway that I walked on, has a lot of pointless signage. That's why bicycle riders have to buy a $3 fee to ride on it. Walking's free. These trails, while safe from idiotic motorists, can be somewhat boring to walk on, and a lot of opportunistic/weedy vegetation grows alongside them obscuring the view of the countryside most of the time.


No Trespassing: There are many signs put up by selfish and paranoid property owners along the trails. At least this one demonstrated some semblance of creativity.


Vegetative Windmill: These windmills were used (maybe among other things) to pump water into cisterns for domestic use. They are mostly replaced by electric pumps now. Why?


Beneath this stop sign another stop sign: What was wrong with the old one?


Corn Ring: A little trail off the side of the Singing Hills Trail led me to this fire pit filled with corn cobs.


Power line under construction: Outside of Mankato, a few miles from my Grandmother's house, I ran into this little project in progress. Some colossus being constructed. I felt powerless to stop it.


Tree in a cage: I learned the word "silage" on this trip, I thought it simply meant stuff that gets stored in a silo, like livestock feed or grain that is being stored until the price of grain goes up. But it is more specific. It is a specific kind of feed, that is made of fermented greens, traditionally stored in a silo. These days they store silage in large plastic tubes horizontally on the ground, it's cheaper than building a vertical silo. Anyway this tree is not silage, I guess, nor would your store silage in this type of open silo.


Hmmm: There will be no need to remind me not to attend services at this church, in Truman, MN.


Death Pit: I discovered this pit of death not far from a pig farm, which already smelled very awful. The death pit made it significantly worse. What the hell is this thing for?


B-day Happy: A very loving MNDOT worker leaves a message for drivers near Lake Crystal, MN.


Success: Some kind of agricultural tanker brings it to us.



Mike Wolf