Goodhue County #1

I'm traveling through Southern Minnesota this June, mostly on foot. I've started by visiting a few places in the area of Red Wing, Goodhue County. I've been through this area periodically since I was young, but this is the most time I've spent around here; the most intimately that I have come into contact with the area. These are a few of the snapshots I've taken so far:


Eagle Nest: This tower is located at the southern tip of Prairie Island, next to a rail road tressel I used to get across the Mississippi River, between freight trains. These lines carry power from the Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant to the rest of the state. The Island is also the ancient and present home of the Mdewakanton Sioux Community who operate a Caribbean themed Casino. I lost $9 in the slots. It's a Bald Eagle nest.


Jumble of school chairs: When I arrived in Red Wing I was met by the Johnstons, distant relatives who I'd never met, they graciously hosted me for two nights and showed me around the town of Vasa where they live. The Johnstons used to work for the Goodhue County School District, he, Philip Johnston, kept a lot of things that the district tried to throw out.


Ox Cart: In Vasa there is a history museum associated with the Lutheran Church. It is a remarkable museum, especially given the size of the town, it's very small. She, Miriam Johnston, is one of the people that helps to organize the museum. She showed me around. This Ox Cart was used by early Swedish settlers in the area. It looks like an amazingly frustrating piece of equipment to me.


Party Animal: This dude was the noisiest of a particularly noisy group at the noisy Hidden Valley Campground, in Welch, where I spent a night. Luckily it rained and quieted everybody down.


Ping Pong Table: At the Hidden Valley Campground.


Sculpture: The kid working on this sculpture didn't want to be in the picture, he was camping with his dad and a couple of his dad's friends.


Sunrise: This is the sunrise over the picturesque water treatment ponds on Prairie Island, the view from my camp sight.


Do the dew: Not far from Prairie Island, beside a remote dirt road I had to stop off for an emergency pit stop and happily stumbled on a kind of informal shooting range.


Ludism: Who says CRT monitors are obsolete?


Mike Wolf