field trip

one lovely june afternoon, my junk friend celio helped me "find" a shopping cart and get it to my house. that weekend, i filled the shopping cart with soil and planted it with six kernels of "golden bantam" organic heirloom 1902 sweet corn. two months later, the shopping cart was equipped with a travel accessories : radio, raincoat, journal, thermos and homemade seed packets and the corn hit the road.

folks volunteered to be pushers/farmers and traveled the streets and alleyways of chicago with the corn and their own interpretations and agendas. the corn cart has visited community gardens, toured supermarkets, politicized a street fair, gone out to coffee and rested in many backyards. the corn has been attacked by hail, squirrels, cucumber beetles and idle curious hands. it has been a long and circuitous field trip.

Nance Klehm


03 Aug 03
24-- N. Sawyer - 12-- N. Maplewood
Rain then hail then rain.

12-- N. Maplewood - 22-- N. Monticello
Way to move through the city.


Aug 5/6
22-- N. Monticello - 31-- W. Wilson
Taller than I expected.

6 August 03
31-- W. Wilson - 21-- W Sunnyside
Well, taking a cart of corn for a walk is not the same as walking a dog.

August 7, 2003 - August 8, 2003
21-- W. Sunnyside - 21-- W. Sunnyside
Then to the Jewel and the Cornservatory then back.
Mysterious absence of corn from yard.

08 August 03
21-- W. Sunnyside - 15-- W. Melrose
This is my grandmother's birthday. She's not alive but if she was, she'd be 94 years old.

6 a.m. Aug. 9
Cart rested happily in my yard. Put hot strong coffee in the thermos and added a china cup since the plastic one is cracked. Going to pick a bouquet to take to the market.
- Sydney

Saturday 08.09.03
15-- W. Melrose - Halsted Market St. Days - Melrose
Various reactions as the corn heads east on Belmont Ave.

August 13
Dinner with Corn

15-- W. Melrose

8/17/03 Sunday
1534 Melrose - Peterson/Ravenswood
The journey resumes north.

18 August 03
Peterson/Ravenswood - Estes
This was a night walk.

28 August 03
Estes - Morse
Various parts.

Morse - 13-- Chase
Pushed the cart to the home of Douglas Woodhouse at 13-- Chase St in Douglas Park.
- Nance

17 September 03
13-- Chase St - 74-- N. Sheridan Road/Waterford Nursing Home
Maize mission accomplished.