9 Questions About Living Elsewhere

1. Where did you live and for how long?

2. What made you decide to go there?
madrid, spain -- 1 year -- escaping/general romanticism
ica, peru - 1 year - work
quebec, quebec, canada - 4 months - learning french
tepotzlan, morelos, mexico - 3 months - natural building/farming

3. Did you have to lie to enter the country?
lying was never necessary. have only lied ot get into cuba.

4. Were you/are you legal? Plan on becoming so?
again, was only "illegal" in cuba

5. How did you/do you make money? Did you go there with a job or have to find one?
ended up teaching in spain, had a job as an archaeologist in peru, studied in canada and gardened and built in mexico.

6. Was housing easy/difficult?
it was super easy to find cheap and clean housing to live in all these places.

7. Was the language a problem?
nope. speak spanish well and french okay. so no real issue communicating.

8. Favorite things/worst things about the place?

9. Any good stories about it or advice for others following?
writing and experimental theatre happening in small venues everywhere.

on sunday, sleep late, stroll el retiro on a strong cup of coffee in the afternoon then go to one of the octopus bars off el plaza mayor.

if you sit on a park bench alone, turn on your peripheral vision- men like ot pull it out for foreigners.

historic walled city is beautiful. stay inside or risk experiencing suburban canada.

get ready to pay $8 for a pint of strawberries within the walled city or ride your bike and camp on ile d'orleans where strawberries are grown and pay 1/2 the price.

try local specialty of grasshopper and wild mushroom tacos on blue tortillas.

photo documnetation on walls of several establishments make evident that this small mountain town has been visited by space aliens more than once.

do not doubt that really and truly the sendero luminoso (the shining path) is one organized force. so is tupac amaru. everymoevemnet we made was watched and reported back to us.

contracted giardia, got blood poisoning and experienced tear gas three times.

better wines coming out of here than from chile. gained immense respect for the potato. this trip reformed my eating habits.

oh, this place is also a destination for ufo's.


- Nance Klehm