9 Questions About Living Elsewhere

1. Where did you live and for how long?
Bulgaria, 22 years, then the U.S.

2. What made you decide to go there?
You mean here...Rock and Roll

3. Did you have to lie to enter the country?
Yes, I told them I was only coming for a visit so I could get a visa.

4. Were you/are you legal? Plan on becoming so?
Yes, I am.

5. How did you/do you make money? Did you go there with a job or have to find one?
Had to find a job. First illegally, the legally. Lots of "career" changes. I once counted how many different professions I've worked in... maybe about 20.

6. Was housing easy/difficult?
Difficult- no references, no job, no credit, no previous address.. North Ave. beach. Good thing it was in August.

7. Was the language a problem?
Not a big problem for me.

8. Favorite things/worst things about the place?
Rock and Roll/George W.

9. Any good stories about it or advice for others following?
Melinda, you know I hate typing all this shit :) Edit whatever you want from what I wrote. I can't think of a story. I guess, when you're at a place that's right for you, you feel right, no matter how difficult it is. I don't recommend it, unless you're 100% convinced that's what you gonna do. There are a lot of disappointments along the way, so anyway, I hope to see you soon.


- Ilko Davidov