9 Questions About Living Elsewhere

1. Where did you live and for how long?
London for 5 years.

2. What made you decide to go there?
Me and some friends had started a software business and were getting bored just making money so we decided to use the business as a means to move to Europe.

3. Did you have to lie to enter the country?
No, but I did have to get married so my girlfriend could live with me.

4. Were you/are you legal? Plan on becoming so?
I am very legal, a nice stamp from the queen in my passport telling everyone I am as good as British now.

5. How did you/do you make money? Did you go there with a job or have to find one?
Worked as a computer programmer, did some consutling for London schools.

6. Was housing easy/difficult?
Its easy but not cheap.

7. Was the language a problem?
Well some people have strange accents and they speak so silently.

8. Favorite things/worst things about the place?
Favorite thing is the English country side, worst thing is drunks.

9. Any good stories about it or advice for others following?
The best thing about moving to another country is your credit record gets set to zero. Since most people get better credit as they grow older if you come over in your 30s you can get much better credit than you would have had in the US. Also don't assume you know anything, things can be different in ways you never would imagine.


- Bob Hooker