9 Questions About Living Elsewhere

hi was just thinking of you I am in Frankfurt now with Heike and she is as beautiful as ever her boy is a sweet heart and she is a good mom
walked around the das stadel shureller or how ever you spell it art school its the same no one was really around and the walk up to our old place smell the beer brew see the tower Frankfurt has more sky scrapers now going up larger the xmas fair is up all those shops with food and xmas nick nacks tons of people shopping I leave tomorrow for Innsbrook Austria for a few weeks then I don't know

I remember people saying they wanted to leave the country when Ronnie Reagan was in office too. Now they have fear to move them. Scroll down I answered fast. Mostly I have a food problem with not being a meat eater. I see the American people being brain washed by fear and terror propaganda. I don't see it here. Not on the news. The rest of the world goes on about there business. I am just traveling around so I don't know about staying. I have a problem with getting stamped to prove that I have been there when I come in to a country and when I left cause I can only stay in a country for three months. more later love peace Arlene

1. Where did you live and for how long?
Spain for 4 months.

2. What made you decide to go there?
Yoga school and to walk the Camino de Santiago

3. Did you have to lie to enter the country?

4. Were you/are you legal? Plan on becoming so?

5. How did you/do you make money? Did you go there with a job or have to find one?
Saved up.

6. Was housing easy/difficult?
Always moving so I don't know.

7. Was the language a problem?
Yes for me I am an idiot but then easy got it so I would say no its Spanish but every where else most people speak English enough to help you get by.

8. Favorite things/worst things about the place?
Meat, meat, meat in every thing. I am a veggie

9. Any good stories about it or advice for others following?
Yes you should walk the Camino its easy and fun.


- Arlene Garfield