I was going to O'hare to catch a flight (funny, I can't remember where I was going). When I got on the blue line I purposely got on the last train, so I would be in the best position when we finally got to the airport.

I am always running late when I am flying somewhere, especially when the CTA is involved in my transport.

As the train made its last stop leaving only a few of us going out to O'hare when the doors shut. Halfway up the tracks we came to a complete halt. After a few minutes the tension mounted. The train was silent, air became stagnant, people's brows began to sweat. Minutes went to ten, fifteen. Then around half an hour, the nervous chatter began. Flight attendants talked about being penalized, people discussed their travel plans, wondering if they would miss their flight. I was sure I had already missed mine. A rumor took hold of the conversations. It must have made its way through the cars, with someone pissed enough to complain to the conductor. The train before us had been hijacked.

People sitting in a CTA car with strangers is hard sometimes. This was one of those times. People ignored the rumor and continued to nervously discuss their concerns but now with a slight relief. Over an hour after we had stopped we began to move. Searching out the windows we were disappointed, to find nothing. The car was quiet again, until we docked and the car jarred open. Everyone made an attept to dash off in the directions of their airlinbe flight. I took it slow, figured I had now had a good excuse.

- Paulie Sauer