One time me and my wife --who's now dead-- went down into the 8th street subway station in NYC. I had a token but she none and we had no money so I let her slip in front of me as we went through the turnstyle. As we perambulated down the noisy filthy tunnel leading to the tracks an undercover cop appeared and flashed a badge. Mayor Giuliani was enforcing a crackdown on petty crime and we were in it. I was lead away in cuffs with 2 other non-criminals, some professional and a Finnish guy, to the Christopher street precinct where we were processed, fingerprinted, you know, criminalized meaninglessly, statistically. The punishment used to be a 50$ ticket for this victimless and hitherto largely unenforced 'offense' in the rotten apple. The increase in punitive severity occurred in secret in the bowels of the urban government with no notice given to the public. I am happy Guiliani has cancer, Michael J. Fox has Parkisons, and the Challenger blew up.

- Nondor Nevai