F-train track (in NYC-@ the Delancey street stop, going north), fairly close to a pretty big stocky-built African-American male, who was standing close to the yellow line, up close to the edge of the platform. I didn't think I was that close to him, when all of a sudden he turned around and looked at me as if he was going to kill me and said, "You'd better get the fuck away from me!". I, slightly uncomfortable, replied, "Ah yeah!". Then I quickly moved back away from him, a considerable distance.

In a very interesting act of total brilliance and annoyance , as I was sitting on an R-train one time (NYC) and a gentleman came in from an adjacent car, w/ a Killer Bee hat on (remember John Belushi as one of the Killer Bees fame, on Saturday Night Live?- 1980's?). He had a beat up, bent-broken saxophone that he started to play the most shrieking-high pitched screaming alto-saxophone shrilling tones, with silences, of him chanting, " Pay me some $$ and I'll stop! Pay me some $$ and I'll stop!!". This, I thought, was one of the more-inventive $ earning schemes, that panhandling-musician types have done; if you don't mind getting into some kind of disagreements, fights, etc., with people, while your doing it!

Last, but not least... In NYC's subway system, on the trains, there are a lot of homeless people that will travel along with the regular folks. The thing that I find fascinating about their (sometimes or most-times) repulsive odors are that, they can be so strong; like when you just walked into a train car, and it is that overcoming; that there is something so very fascinatingly curious about that odorous condition, of letting our bodies go without bathing for that long, you know? I know eventually, I had to move to the next car, but to experience that sensory (smell) stimulation for a bit, is one unforgettable experience.

- Michael Evans