A while back you asked for train stories. Last night I had this dream, and it was so odd, and after I've been telling people about it, I thought I'd tell you.

I was on the "el" train. I was going from the Logan Square stop to the Damen stop, and I was sitting in the front car. I could see the track in front of us. The train was going faster than normal and gradually sped up. Soon it was driving really fast. There were a lot of very dramatic curves in the track that didn't used to be there. It was twisting and curving, running up and down hills. And all of a sudden, there was a small Datsun driving on the track in front of the train. I began to panic, thinking, I hope it can go fast enough so that we don't hit it. And then I was wondering how is was staying on the track anyway because it was so much wider. Strangely I didn't even wonder how it got onto the track.

Then, suddenly, the car was gone, and instead there was a guy on a bicycle on the track in front of the train. And the train kept getting closer and closer to the guy, and I was thinking, there's no way he can pedal fast enough. I was wondering how bad it was going to be if the train hit him. After spiraling down and around, we came to a small hill, and when the train leveled out, there was a big section of track missing. I panicked again, wondering how we were going to be able to make it across. How was the biker going to be able to make it across? The closer we came to the gap in the track, the biker was gone. The train sped up so it could jump the missing section and then we made it to the Damen stop. But it looked like we had arrived in the year 1920, except that all the people were dressed like they dress today.

- Forestter Cobalt