So anyway I got on the El and there was a guy on the El and he was pointing and laughing at an empty bag of chips and mumbling incoherently and laughing maniacally and at every stop people would get in and sit down next to him and then a couple of seconds later they would realize that he smelled like urine cuz his pants were completely saturated with urine and they would get up and all go stand there but at every single stop it kept happening and it was really funny and I couldn't stop laughing out loud about it and then he pulled out a porno magazine and he was pointing to the crotches of all the ladies in the porno magazine and laughing and showing it to the other people on the El and they were all just covering their noses and looking down trying to stay away from him but every sucker that got on the El just kept sitting down next to him and everybody was in on the joke somehow but then he started just laughing and scratching his legs and trying to wipe the piss off his pants or something and then he kind of just fell asleep and then I got off the train.

- Drew