From Steeltown USA, to Murdertown USA, to Prisontown USA

To understand the mythical place Younstown OH holds in my life you have to read some of the fascinating facts below and understand the Penguin Pub. The Penguin Pub was a mix of crack neighborhood regulars and touring punk bands during the '80's. It wasn't that uncommon for someone to come in off the street having been shot in some gang/drug altercation. And every band you can think of played there. -Melinda

     The Lost City: Youngstown, OH - pics from Wayne

Christmas In Murdertown
On this Christmas Eve, one of the good guys was in trouble, his life hanging in the balance; only a Miracle could save him. This was NOT a replaying of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life," the Holiday classic about how a guardian Angel on Christmas Eve saves the life of the 'average American hero' personified by the legendary Jimmy Stewart; this situation was REAL, the everyday hero REAL. This was Christmas in Murdertown, USA, also known as Youngstown, Ohio and the newly elected District Attorney, Paul Gains, lay on the floor of his home, having just been shot by an assassin.

The Congressman, The Senator, And The Mafia
Conspiracy theories abounded inside Traficant's troubled mind, and a visit to his website offered an animated photo of the Congressman swinging a bat with a wild look in his eyes, while another photograph showed Traficant with his ears altered as an inhabitant of the Planet Vulca from the hit science fiction series STAR TREK. "Beam me up!" Traficant would proclaim at the end of his speeches, a line from the popular series.

James Trafficant:
"Am I different? Yeah. Deep down, you know you want to wear wider bottoms; you're just not secure enough... Do I do my hair with a Weed Whacker? I admit."

"Now NASA is on an unmanned space mission to the moon. I think NASA should redirect and have an unmanned space mission to Washington, DC, and try to find out if there is any intelligent life left in the nation's capital."

Steel Town Lockdown
Corrections Corporation of America is trying to turn Youngstown, Ohio, into the private-prison capital of the world.