My friend told me this, it's totally true

It's like the middle of winter in Winnipeg forty below snow everywhere. So the person was coming from downtown, busy bus stop downtown going home. There was an elderly lady in a fur coat sitting on the back of the bus the very back seats. She had tons of bags beside her and a sheet cake on the other side of her and the bus was totally packed. This gigantic Indian dude gets on the bus after a couple of stops oh yeah a native canadian fella. Etiquette in Canada is that you queue to the back. SSo the guy goes to the back and tries to find a seat. Little fur granny lady ignores this guy. He says something to her like hey can I sit down eh? She , embarrassed that this native fella is talking to her and every body is looking at her, she snuffs him off and looks out the window. Beautiful sheet cake. Probably for some little girls birthday or something. Sits there. So he just sits right down on her fucking sheet cake. She just ignores him. Rides to her stop, gets her bags and gets off.

- Zena Sakowski