Hey, I went out to the BR-15 site and it was full of activity. So, I headed to the radar array and silo area and discovered it was now occupied by the Connecticut Amateur Radio Association. I figured that since there was probably just a bunch of geeks there, they would want to talk to me about the old base and what they were using it for presently; I was quite incorrect. Unfortunately the guys working there were uptight, tight lipped assholes. They totally started flipping out on me and giving me the third degree regarding what I was doing and who I worked for? So anyway, they escorted me off the property, I gave them the finger and that was that.

I arrived back at my parents house about 15 minutes later, went in the basement and sat there listening to Journey. About five minutes later I hear someone outside. I thought it was the cable guy I was supposed to let in, so I look outside and there are three cop cars and my mom; who had just got in. So I go outside and they ask me if I had been driving my moms car earlier and it turns out that the guys at the radio association called me in as a potential terrorist threat. One cop was a total dick and kept saying I looked suspicious because I could be mistaken for an Arab and I was wearing sunglasses? At this point my mother and I started laughing because he was such an idiot. Fortunately his buddies realized that I was just some geek that went up there for the reasons I stated and I was not hauled away with my film confiscated as the one cop wanted.

The antenna array was beautiful, however, all I could get was a few sneak peaks at it from the bushes.

I guess the beauty of abandoned military sights cannot last forever.

The place is really neat in that it used to have a battery of Nike Hercules missiles. The Hercules, as opposed to the earlier Ajax model was equipped with a low yield nuclear warhead intended to wipe out invading formation aircraft* over the NYC Metro area; in the early stages of post WWII. i.e. The Cold War Era.

Both the Ajax and Hercules Nike missiles were active at these two sites in my home town. Now one is abandoned, and I just discovered the BR 15 battery is being replaced with a giant metallic castle building.

Both sites have always fascinated me in that they exist and that they were meant as a first defense of an attack on American soil. We used to have civil defense drills where all the class would hide under the desk in the event of a nuclear attack. What fucking good would it do if one of these was launched overhead, would my desk keep me safe?

*Also used for surface to surface defense in result of a ground attack!

Paul Theriault


BR-15 West Haven C - US 1, March Hill ((P) Orange ANGS; CTANG 103d ACS
[{Murdock, S}GPS=41-16-05, 72-59-31, (later known as Orange ANGS, USAF): TerraServer]
[{Bender, D} The partially intact IFC Area is used by the CTANG as an Aircraft Control & Warning site. In place of the Nike Ajax acquisition radar, a modern 3-dimensional TPS-75 radar is now in use here. An Operations Module, the modern equivalent of a Nike control trailer, is attached to the original Nike system Interconnecting Corridor. The Administrative Area also remains largely intact at this site. ]

L - Bull Hill Ln ((P) Town of West Haven Park & Rec Dept; Nike Site Park
[{Murdock, S}GPS=41-16-19, 72-58-45, TerraServer]

BR-17 Milford Eels Hill Rd, N of Rt 162 ((P)Town of Milford Board of Education
[{Murdock, S}GPS= 41-13-43 73-00-57, TerraServer]

L - Rock Rd near Quirk ((O) industrial park)
[{Murdock, S}GPS= 41-14-23 73-00-16, TerraServer]