Turpentine Belt

Fuzz-eyes from the brilliantine flair of the Rothko red,
timeless myth wrought struggling on gray,
or a purplish rush to religious magpie's moan,
the brush bristles in the bird's blunt feather bed,
a hollow well of nightingale flight, how a just-so
posture paints a power soft pink, powder tight.

Orange unlike a flavor or a fruit or a fig, far
from banana red or apple yellow along
a deep perspective recessed to thunderstorm,
no citrus savor or sphere form chemical,
a nature a flower a marigolden shower.

Chartreuse see-through pale yellow wash
dirty water wash gradient gray,
despondent wasp, spent bumble bee
provacative memorization method
jet black underlapped by dirty white,
a fallout of the yellow wash underline,
brimming the limits of a lime-gold halo.

Earnest grass green atop orange's next vermilion,
an avid investment in the canary border
on the forms; actors supporting objects,
the verd vast violet denoting a damp dressage red
beneath a lightning boat of transient light.


- Andrew Early