Diorama w/Salt Girl in Blue

Darker birds in the arboretum of elementary reason,
raccoon tracks at midnight and hiding light
spectres behind deer licks compiling leaf identification
and army pants with camera obscura
and use of any type of pen you choose to lose.

Lying prone with precarious pencil tip
and the Ziploc bags stationed upon the ridge,
an overcast coziness blanketing the crypt,
some scouting safety in butterfly lungs,
a tepid long table in the cabin dank
and assorted bones found on the dusk walk.

The salt girl wanted to jump in the pond,
the lilypads and deep muck to smother;
mostly turgid birds left to fill in the blank--
what if we knew what she knew all along...

various bodies among the grass down,
dry fables piling between the leaves,
easy trees earning money under the frown,
shaking the yearning blood asunder.


- Andrew Early