Medea's Mercy

Her secret lies nestled on a
hard bed of turquoise & silver,
sunk below his floating lotus
that bloomed one october
before thievery in the gardens

tiny heart in metal box
beat only six weeks
after a bright hartland day
of creases in bodies & trees
gave unlikely new life

Luna's rhythms unsettled
from nightmares & tears
wondering whether bombed
bridges & roads could lead
loved ones to safety

abandoned by father's lust for
deluded power & autre pussy,
the mother tree's veins full
of cohosh, pennyroyal & rue,
mercy potions for deserted seed

unable to grow in a world
where nations and men
claim peace and god's will
before turning their fear to
destroy women and children

cluster bombs of kindness,
faith of murderous compassion,
eyes singed with memory of
repeat assault and deceit,
purified only by bleeding moon

two lights shine no more
one astray, one unborn
'twas not Medea who killed
but the dark ghost of bishert
fleeing himself once again.


Charlotte Saenz