NYE 2007: landlords' dance party went awry. Best friend sitting in the middle of a person-sized hand sculpture with a pedestal base. We were all dancing around her and the magic moment of the beat picked up all the dancers' legs at once. We did not notice that each of us was resting a leg on the base providing counterweight. Hand toppled over, best friend inside. Big long pause for much laughter, then finally we all went to do the Red Cross check.

Diagnosis: scrapes, bruising, as we suspected. End result: we hurt ourselves more from laughing about it than she did from knocking her head in.

Gets better. She also fell into a hole in the floor. Same party. Went to go discuss changing albums with the DJ, full body, in the hole to the insulation that had been opened earlier in the day, the hole that no one thought to mention. Walk, walk, walk, swoosh where's Best Friend?

We had to pull her out. She retreated to the couch, with large scar on shin. Best part II: I did the EXACT SAME THING, walking over to help my high school friends jump their car, full body in a ditch, construction site, age 16. Now we have the same exact scrape scar on our legs.