Cheap BBQ Tilapia Tacos

First, it's important to have good cooking music. Tonight I'm going to go with the Yugoslavian prog sounds of Karthago.
Here is the song "Paks The Nuclear City". Download mp3
These two tracks should be long enough to cook everything and eat half of one taco too. Download 2nd mp3

Seriously, would these guys steer you wrong? (well, on some songs they do, but the good songs kill, and feature crazy organ and screaming).

Next, the fish I'm using is Tilapia. Very cheap. This quantity - enough for me, set me back $1.88. Was it flash frozen? Sure. Does it have lots of mercury? I hope not.

Next coat the fish with some of that seasoned fish breading. Note that I have very little left, so these fishes will be LIGHTLY coated, though not entirely by choice.

Here is the lightly coated fish (in case it's too hard to imagine what that would look like)

Drop the fish into a pan. I used a little Canola oil, which should already be hot of course.

While that is cooking, microwave (if they aren't already warm and fresh from the store) some corn tortillas. In Chicago these cost about $.25 for a dozen and are usually delivered hot every day to small produce places.

After the fish has cooked a little on each side (Tilapia cooks very fast) slather it with BBQ sauce on one side. I'm using this brand lately.

Flip the fish over a couple times so the BBQ sauce cooks into it and sticks to both sides. Again, do this fast. Tilapia cooks quickly.

Place pieces of fish in your hot tortillas. I had some fresh Pico de Gallo so I spooned a little of that in, as well as some crushed red pepper and sour cream.

And one last close up. MMMmmmm. This was prepared from start to finish and halfway consumed before the Karthago record was even finished playing on side 1!


Marc Fischer