Lil Princess Rapes Tyra

The New episode of my favorite reality show debuted tonight. It is america's next top Model. I love this show. I love the bulimia. I love the fighting. I love the cattiness. I love that monstrous half trans whatever Ms. Jay who is the blackest of the black who wears high heels and black body suits but has a beard and walks the runway. I love the part where all the girls get their 200,000 dollar makeovers and then start crying because they can't wear their 18 dollar weaves that they got in some back alley barbershop in harlem that specializes in fades. But most of all I love Tyra. Ooh Tyra. I love Tyra and her feigned "caring" for each of the models. I love how she is so down to earth. I love when she gets all ghetto and waves her head back and forth and says "Girl You Go!". It makes me so happy. I love how on her show she talked about how everyone thought she was fat and how the media is obsessed with being skinny, and how she was considered fat, so that all the little girls at home that are already obsessed with dieting decide that Tyra is considered fat and how they are all starving themselves.

She is great. Now she has her own talk show where she brings prostitutes on gets them to tell the perverse details of how they fuck and suck and and she is soo fucking interested on how these girls can possibly make a living by selling their bodies. Sorry darling, but isn't that what modeling is? A conundrum for the ages. I would love to rape her. I have thought about it a whole lot. How I would do it. I want to break her so bad. I've got so little to go on anymore, so that these fantasies of raping Tyra Banks are the only little tidbits that keep me going in this harsh world. Here is how I'd do it. I am currently watching the show and it fills my mind with wonderful ideas. This would be my fantasy.

I'd tape it. It would be a snuff film. I'd get Ms. Jay, Tyra, and her top models, all 12 of the ones in the beginning. I would lure them into a salon, just like the nazis lured the jews into gas chambers with promises of a shower, and then bam, they got gassed ( I know there are questions as to whether or not that happened but for my sake it did). They'd all go into the salon. But the salon would all of a sudden turn into a torture/surgery room, however it would be highly decorated and very posh. The barber chairs would become beds with straps and restraints. Since I don't really want the girls to be in pain, and I like fentanyl I'd have trained anesthesiologists on hand. They would put each girl under, and I would first shave all of their heads except one, but in different ways. First I would shave some like natural bald spots in some. Some completely bald. Some monk style. This I could do myself, because I'm good with hair and clippers. Almost as good as Ms. Britney Spears.

But I'd need some surgeons. Here is where the anesthesiologists come in. I will put each girl under and have lots of fun with their nipples. I will cut them all off and affix them to Tyra. This will all be under anesthesia, so no pain will be felt. I will put two visible ones on her cheeks so that she will look like a little toy soldier. I will then go to each girl and then tattoo little pictures of bunnies and where their nipples used to be. Since I had a tattoo artist on hand, I'd tattoo a big picture of Michael Jackson fucking Jon Benet with a gun onto Tyra's back. That'd make a wonderful sports illustrated cover!

There's this tough bronx bitch on this season, whos weave was falling off at her audition. The girl whos head I did not shave, I would scalp and then sew the scalp onto the brooklyn weave bitches head. So I'd never have to hear her bitchy bronx accent complain about her fucking weave. I'd then put them all in cheerleader costumes, and put nooses around their necks and go to work with my camera. Once the anesthesia wore off, I'd make them dance with me to Olivia Newton John while forcing them to eat as many Arby's Big Montanas as possible. I'd then force them to vomit and feed them more. They would hurt so bad. The tough Bronx bitches would try to talk shit, but they cant because they'd have mouths full of Arby's horsey sauce and roast beef

By far the climax will be with Tyra, the down to earth supermodel with the big forehead. She will be dressed like a toy soldier, with the nipples on her cheeks. I would bring in three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and have them scull fuck her with big black dildos while playing Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots were Made For Walking" layered over sounds of deers and rabbits dying through subwoofers. I would be dressed as Raphael, the red ninja turtle. But I would be dressed as Raphael dressed as Marie Antoinette and I would be all fucked up on fentanyl and Arbys and I would fuck the living turds out of her.

We will then retire to the next room where a huge table will be set where we all be served a lobster dinner. With a side of Koolaid Jim Jones style (thats with cyanide for you dolts who don't know who Jim Jones is), and everyone will drink it with the exception of me and Miss J, . And I will be the happiest girl in the whole world. These models would all be the stars they wanted to be. They would be in the greatest snuff film ever. The nooses will be tightened and their limp dead bodies will all be hung for effect. In their Cheerleader costumes. I would collect their weaves and make a rug out of them and sell it on ebay for 7 million dollars. I would then remove my Raphael costume and do Tyra face to face using a dildo. I know she likes to get it hard. She of course would be dead by now from the cyanide kool aid, and pieces of her pussy would come off onto the dildo. I'll put them in little glass vials and I will sell each piece for 300 dollars on ebay.

As for the lovely Miss J. I would not touch trans whatever Miss J. because I really don't know what I could do with that monstrosity that would make it much worse. He is already a living mutation. I'd let him survive. And then we'd do a bunch of coke together.

This is my fantasy of the ultimate episode of Americas Next Top Model. I will of course make tons of money off of it and I will promise to donate 25% of it to the feed all of the hungry inner city children Church's Chicken for as long as they live. I will then retire and go into hiding somewhere, I will get each model stuffed and have tea parties with them each night. One day I will reemerge as a star, and shave my head and get a tattoo of lips on my arm...oh wait Britney Spears already did that. Well then I'll drive across the country in a diaper with a meat tenderizer and try to kill an astronaut's wife... oh wait that happened too. Jesus This world is becoming so crazy I'll really have to think.


Meg McCarville, aka Lil Princess