1. Get a big pot with a lid

2. Pour a thin layer of oil into the bottom of the pot.
I like canola oil, but most any oil will work. Though I've run into trouble with olive oil - it doesn't get hot enough.

3. Turn on the stove. Put one kernel* of unpopped corn in the pot and wait for it to pop.

*I'd recommend yellow corn kernels. They pop bigger. White corn pops anemically. Unless you like 'em little.

4. Once your solo kernel pops, you know your oil is hot. Add a whole layer of unpopped kernels - enough to cover the bottom of the pot.

5. Cover your pot and shake it over the burner. Hopefully you didn't add too much popcorn and the lid won't rise off the pot with overflowing corn. Though this can be exciting and chaotic.

6. When the popping dies down, turn off your flame and pour your popped kernels into a bowl.

7. You can add lots of things to you popcorn. I personally like to add fresh squeezed lemon juice and pepper. You might also want to try soy sauce, grated hard cheese (like asiago or romano), brewers yeast, hot sauce or butter and salt.


Deborah Stratman