My t'ai chi class went to Taiwan for an international competition. We arrived there on my 30th birthday. I still have the passport stamp. But for a long time before we went, I had been listening to a shortwave radio station called Radio Taipei International, 5960 kHz. Based on the station's address and maps of the city, I figured out how to get there, and just showed up at the station's front gate. That is the picture I am sending you. I just thought I'd see the building, and that was enough for me, but the guard made me wait a moment and then escorted me in. It turned out to be a crazy experience-- I met the station vice president, also met a reporter who had lived in Seattle for a couple years, they taped an interview with me, the reporter took me out to lunch, I got a full tour of the station... I was treated like royalty-- truly a radio fantasy. And it was just a few days after my birthday!

The vice president was such a freaky guy, very formal and all business. He was tiny in stature, had even smaller eyes, and asked me a lot of marketing- type questions from behind a mammoth, shiny ebony desk.


- Juliayn Coleman