Leftover Mistakes

Timid social interactions
Messed up on shared computer
Did not give the correct phone number
Need too much help
Can't remember fast enough
Got lost again
Didn't express myself clearly
Missed an opportunity (too shy)
Forgot to say please
Didn't manage money wisely
Forgot to be ambitious enough
Made unintentionally suggestive remark in front of teenagers
Was socially awkward for the 27th time this week
Couldn't stop obsessing about above
Reacted emotionally to stupid manipulative movie
Responded too carefully
Felt fear when I shouldn't have
Didn't plan well
Gave someone a dirty look
Used motivation improperly
Phrased things awkwardly on the phone
Forgot to articulate clearly
Spoke too soon
Looked down too much
Told an anecdote that wasn't funny
Parked in an inconvenient spot
Was unable to control obsessive thought for a whole day
Acted super spacey with store clerk (pre-occupied)
Forgot umbrella
Read story to child without enthusiasm
Almost ran a red light
Pushed table forward with foot in restaurant
Knocked over votive while reading in restaurant
Impatient learning new skill
Ate too much
Couldn't find the best words


- Jennifer Mannebach