Gender is a Fright

I would like to use this forum to ask a question. Something recently got me thinking. My myspace profile was recently chosen to be highlighted on the flea infested garbage dump of a website that is called drunken Don't get me wrong, I really like the website. It's actually pretty amazing. Oh and btw you will NEVER hear me talking about myspace again, but it's necessary in this context. So anyways it's about a paragraph long and he's saying how gross I probably am, and then people leave their stupid ass dorky comments because they have nothing better to do than read a blog all day and leave comments and write their own blog that no one gives two shits about, but you know, the comments are pretty predictable like: Oh this girl's nasty, her cunt smells, I bet she was raped by her uncle (which I would assume as well, it is amazing it never happens), she's on drugs, I bet she has vd's, and then some sarcastic remarks about women and blah blah blah. It makes me think though. I mean I know I am disgusting. And I do have at least one VD (most of my readers know this) and I stink and I live in filth, and blah blah, but I admit to it. The world is fucking gross. WOMEN are fucking gross. All of them. They all bleed out their vaginas once a month and it smells like fucking dead fish and slaughtered cattle. It's fucking sick. They pee in their pants. I'm not talking about old women either. I'm talking about young women. Incontinent women. They have stretch marks. They are fucking sick.

The other day I wanted to prove this so I perused the "femine" aisle at a local grocery store. And this is coming from me, a "woman" who many have agreed that is one of the most vile members of the female gender that they know of. The horrors that I saw in that aisle are fucking disgusting. First of all they have a whole section of like douches and powders and cremes and shit to get rid of vag odors. I mean so there you go, pussys fucking stink. I said it, and I talk about it, and if you want evidence, go to the fucking store. I walk about two feet and I stumble on something that is fairly new but has blown up in stores, and that is these fucking pee pads. I believe one brand is called "poise pads". I don't know if this brand name is trying to mask them as if a woman is more proper if she uses them. I'm not even exactly sure what poise means. I think it has something to do with manners. I guess it means that you have the manners not to have piss constantly dripping out your cunt all over people's nice furniture when you are at dinner parties or something. But anyway, these are not depends. These are for women about my age or maybe a bit older. Women who leak pee all the time. Now I will talk about all my gross imperfections, but I don't fucking leak pee, and that's goddamn disgusting. And Jesus Christ, Poise Pads is just one brand. There are at least 20 brands of these things and they take up like a half aisle. And again, these are not in the geriatric shit in your pants aisle, these are in the "feminine products" aisle, right next to the douches that I guess you use after you've pissed all over yourself.

Now, let me guide you a couple of feet further down this feminine aisle, past the pee pads which accounts for about a third of it. I'm sorry, but if there are so many, like every woman you see must be just pissing all over themselves all the time. I thought that only happened when you were old. I guess not.

Then of course you have your tampons and period pads and shit which is fine. And that's great. Ok this is one thing all women have in common and I don't mean to go all stupid feminist, but shit like everyone fucking has this thing, but god forbid if you mention that you bleed from your vagina. Oh and even worse, a man becomes a fucking pariah if he happens to pick up some fucking tampons or pads if he's shopping for his family. What the fuck is he supposed to do, leave the pads at the store and let his ladyfriend bleed smelly fish blood all over the furniture and the floor? Come the fuck on. Periods fucking happen. Get over it Everyone. What I hate the worst are the goddamn commercials for the pads to show how absorbent they are. They fucking use BLUE water. Blood is not blue!!! Use something that looks like blood. Come on... It's no fucking secret. We know it's blood. We don't have detergent coming out of our vagina's...far from it. (Imagine how convenient that would be though for the housekeeper!) But it's just not fucking true.

And I would just like to point out, that if you are not bleeding out your vagina, that means that you have the worst venereal disease of all...A baby. So I pray, always that no matter what stink and stains and whatever this once a month visitor causes (or whenever, depending how fucked up your body is) that I get it every fucking month, because if it does not come, then yea you've got some problems. Oh and one more thing before I get off of the period subject. Let me shortly address these fucking pussy wretches who will not fuck a girl when she is on her period. Its fucking stupid. You're fucking stupid. Get some balls. Are you scared of a little blood? I really think these people have no fucking idea what a period is. I think they must think that when you release the tampon blood just fucking projectile shoots out like ten gallons all over everywhere and they will release some fucking beast. They can always wash their precious dick off. It's so fucking stupid. If I am ever with a man, and they refuse to fuck me while I'm on my period, everything is over right there. I need no more explanation, because that, alone, describes what type of a fucking person they are in life, everywhere, and I need no more explanation. Oh yea and one more thing (I know I said that before, but I can't stop)... People who have dogs who sniff your vagina when you're having you're period and they don't beat the shit out of them with a fucking wooden board should also be shot. It's fucking disgusting. Having some dog sniff your bleeding vagina. And then I've had this happen to me. They fucking lick it (over the clothes of course, I haven't yet delved into that other realm of possibilities, give me time, I might change my mind about this one) its fucking gross. Oh and I've actually had some repulsive pooch owners that while their dog is licking my bleeding vagina actually ask me, "Oh are you on your period? Because Rover just runs to girls when they're bleeding!" THIS IS SICK!!!! And people call me gross...

This is shit that happens everyday folks. And people have the Audacity to say that I'm fucking gross. HELLOOOOO!!!!! The fucking world we live in is fucking sick in sooo many ways. I'm just delving into one very very very small facet of our world and can find so many disgusting things about it that I could write a fucking book. Why am I gross for donning a mask and band aids on my nipples. At least I'm not pissing on myself, or having my dog lick some random girl's cooch and loving to watch it. Ok I'm barely down the feminine products aisle, and I believe I've ranted a whole shitload about only two items. So much so that I believe that I could write about ten thousand more words as to why this shit is fucking disgusting. People want to call me disgusting. Why? WOMEN ARE DISGUSTING. Not just me. I am disgusting merely because I address this. I don't understand. I mean there are still fucking pregnancy tests, and then pregnancy, big nasty pancake nipples as a result of being pregnant, stretch marks, BIRTH!!!!!, BABIES, female diarrhea products, feminine gas products, irritable bowel syndrome medication FOR WOMEN ONLY, all the makeup they use to cover their sloppy repulsive faces, over the counter herpes medication, CAN I GET AN AMEN??? And people still have the audacity to question my femininity and say that I'm fucking disgusting. Well if these blogger retards have girlfriends or wives (which I highly doubt but I guess I'll have to talk about maybe their bloated crawling mexican barely female neighbors who they've drilled a peephole in the wall to jack off to, or the geriatric monstrosities on the web they slop off to), they must come to terms to the fact that they are probably much more disgusting than me. They probably piss or shit on themselves, have numerous stretch marks, and have committed the ultimate sin, popped a bloody ass fucking crying ugly damaged thing out of their enlarged cunt, all of which I haven't done. I have however worn band aids on my nipples and chosen to talk about my sex life in gross detail, whatever. It's nothing compared to most of these pee soaked rimmers. I am a beautiful flower of a woman. and DONT FUCKING FORGET IT. I started this by saying I wanted to ask a question, the question is "Why am I so gross when compared with other women?" I have stated my case.
Thank You.

- Meg McCarville