Sleeping/Living - 83-85

NYC, SF, Vancouver
[There were many more but these are the most memorable at the moment.]

Abandoned building on Ave C, NYC
with R. G and G's guy, it was nasty, I didn't like it. Getting in was really complicated and involved the rearranging of a padlock and some metal pipes. Oh and a chain. I could never get it right.

Thompkins Square Park, NYC
Too many other people. And dogs.

Rooftop on Bleeker
Four stories up.
I always love going to sleep above the street traffic.

Yippie building on Bleeker
Weird, yes very weird.

Hotel hallway in PA
Also very weird. It turned out the back door was how the hookers let their tricks in and out of the building. Up very early.

Open hotel room in TX
Yes, just like magic. There it was. No one came around. And free coffee and a paper in the morning.

Underpass in AZ
Rain leaked into my sleeping bag.

Bush outside of L.A.
It was a huge bush near the side of the road and we were so tired of hitchhiking. Some suburban kid saw us crawl out and bought us beer. It was about 8 am.

Rock along Highway One, CA
Woke looking at the ocean surrounded by horses.

Storefront in SF
On a shelf above the door. It was a wide and long shelf but not even close to being wide enough that you could call it a loft of some kind.

M's Rooftop, SF.
Always available, with a view all the way to the water.

Friends couch, SF

Golden Gate Park
Too many people. God save me from Hippies.

B.'s van, SF
Too small.

Basement w/ A., Vancouver

On the beach at the edge of the city, Vancouver.
You could sleep on the beach and no one would be around for hours.

In a van,
which I drove back to Ohio.


- Melinda Fries