THINGS I'VE WANTED TO BE: 1. Dead. 2. A boy. 3. A puppy. 4. A tightrope walker. 5. Bowie.

SONGS ABOUT STARS BUT NOT REALLY: 1. The Books - Motherless Bastard. 2. Lemonheads - Allison's Starting to Happen. 3. The Thermals - A Stare Like Yours. 4. Carol Channing - Wouldn't you Like to Lay Your Head Upon My Pillow? 5. King Crimson - Starless.

WHAT YOU WROTE (i): "I watch him every week."

CLOSE MY EYES, FLIP THROUGH BOOKS & POINT: 1. all right. all ready. (alright, already!) 2. these Muses: Fear and Love 3. Her mother usually says things like, "Oh, 4. a dish/of Irish/setters 5. And somewhere east Chicago grates across the ground.

(ii): "He talks more to passers-by than he plays."


- Mairead Case