Imaginary Terrible Highbrow Porn Titles

Madame Ovary
National Pubic Radio
Inter-tax-bracket Action, Vol. 9
The Gardener In the Fundament
Sex and the Serfdom
Charity Ballers
Members Only
Country Club Cunts
Wimbledon Ball Boys
Remains of the Lay
Merchant-Ivory present Semen Slaves
Opera House Glory Holes
Connoisseur of Cum
A Night at Lord Felcher's Manor
Lawrence of a Labia
Two Gentlemen in Veronica
Love's Labours Cost
The Enumclaw Equestrian Annual
Eine Klein Cockmusik
Nutcracker Sweet
Gangbang Overture vol 1812
The Anal Ride Of The Valkryies
The Open Marriage Of Figaro
Lap Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
King Leer
Dong Quixote
Little Lord Fondleroy
Upper Class & Up 'Er Ass
Akira Bukakke-Sawa's The Seven Samaurai


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