Fake Cover Band Names

Teddy Pendergrass: Pendergrass Generator
The Alan Parsons Project Project
Was Not Was (Not)
Sticks - a Styxx tribute band
Emerson Lake Embalmer - death metal ELP cover band
Koroners Quartet - Philip Glass and Grateful Dead covers
The (Other) Band
Creedence Clearwater Revived
Fat Benatar
Nazi Sinatra
Spy and the Family Clone
Drive Unlike Jehu
The Smithfits - Morrissey type guy fronting a Danzig cover band OR a Danzig type dude fronting a Smiths cover band
Yo La Bango Tango - Your favorite hits from hair metalers Bango Tango done in the style of Yo La Tengo
Revolting Buzzcocks - Punk goes industrial...I'm pretty sure this exists already in some form or another
Sunburned Hand of Manfred Mann - British invasion gone droney
Mastodonknotts - Barney Fife brings the metal
Guns N' Moses - Israeli GNR covers
Faith Some More
Nott The Hoople
Doppelgäng of Four
Parallel L. Cool J
Echoed Bunnymen
Effigy G Allin
Black Man - A group that covers Big Black & Rapeman
The Kink O's
Agnostic Frontin'
Fraud Schneider
Pseudo Pseudo Echo
Jackie-Faux Motherfucker
CopyRites Of Spring
Impersonation of Ulysses
The Hee Bee Bee Gees
Hüsker Düpe
Sonic Spoof
the Diff'rent Strokes
That Heat
Duran Durain't
Omission of Burma
Non Coltrane
Non Caballero
Chet Faker
Fauxroh Saunders
Konono No. 2
Negative Reproach
The Butthole Surfaris (Dick Dale-style versions of Gibby Haynes and Co.)
Mike Whatt
Doubting Thomas Dolby
Def. Not Leppard
Pseudo Menudo
The Gramps - Cramps tribute with members as old as Lux and Ivy
At The Drive-Thru
Me-Tallica - A one man tribute to the band.
They Might Be They Might Be Giants
The Great Pretenders
David Cover-dale
Ali Fake Toure
Michael Anthony Michael Hall & Oates - Van Halen bassist starts a Hall & Oates cover band with legendary 80's geek Anthony Michael Hall
Pretend Pretenders
Public Image Imitated
Misled Zeppelin
Ice Cubed
Eazily Not E
Lies a-Minelli
NOtis Redding
Six Finger Skatellite
Not At All Sick of It All
Amon Duul II 2
Echoed Bunnymen
Godspeed You!!! Black Emperor
Sciatica! - Old Jewish men doing Mettalica covers.
Killing Jesus and the Jokes - a British No Wave band.
Victim's Family Reunion
Suicide Tendencies - Venice Beach's only Suicide tribute band
Reborn Against

Compiled from a much larger list generated by the general discussion forum on www.electrical.com


- Marc Fischer