Books Read in 2002, 2003, 2004

Note: In December 2001 the reading book section of the prison library was closed down. So the only reading material for the whole prison population now is whatever the inmates themselves possess or receive through the mail.

The Two Babylons (Hilsop) Loaned to me. (second read)
Interesting condemnation of Catholic Church as a pagan oriented cult organization.
Point of Impact A coverless found copy. Had read years ago, but still a good read.
The Spanish Inquisition (Roth) Found copy. Had read before, but still good a second time through. (Inspired sketch)

The Big Betrayal, Primitive Man Religious comic books loaned to me. Very interesting ideas.
The Newton Examiner (magazine) Mailed to me. Very entertaining plus I got some sketch ideas from some of the ads.
Sears Roebuck & Co Fall 1900 Catalog Mini abridged reprint sent to me in mail. Fun reading, plus inspired a few picture ideas.
The Judge - Lawless Land (Edwards) Traded for. Okay reading.
Haard (Jerry Smith) Was loaned to my cellie. Very interesting details on controversial experimental electronic weapon station in Alaska.

Tracing our Ancestry (Haberman) Loaned to my cellie. White power racist crap. Narrow minded, dogmatic, long on claims, short on logic.
Blood of the Lamb (Peter De Vries) Found copy. Man coping with daughters leukemia, and religion in general. Surprisingly intelligent.
Dictionary of Symbols (Tresidrer) Loaned to my cellie. Interesting but not very thorough. Took lots of notes though for future drawing ideas.
A Woman Rides the Beast (Hunt) Loaned to me. A very anti Catholic history of the Catholic Church focusing on fiendish popes. (Lots of picture notes).

Goodby Mr. Chips (Hilton) Found copy. The ancient movie was much better.
The Rapture (Hal Lindsey) Loaned to my cellie. Usual religious dogma; insane dialogues to mask absurdities, and lack of promised proofs.
The United States and Britain in Prophecy (Armstrong) Found copy. Usual religious insanity, long on claims, short of proofs, repetitious nonsense.
Angels (Billy Graham) Found copy. Starts off intelligent and interesting but then slides into the usual crackpot notions of the religiously demented.

The Boys From Brazil (Levin) Given to me. Interesting yarn. (Never saw the movie).

(Note! Library reopened)
Net Force-Hidden Agenda (Clancey) Entertaining.
Darkness (Saul) Loaned to me. Read years ago. Okay a second time.
OPP Control - Balance of Power (Clancey) Okay.
Cruel and Unusual (Cornwell) Good read but disappointing ending.
Invasion (Robin Cook) Very good Sci-fi yarn.
2061: Odyssey Three (Clark) Enjoyable Sci-fi.
Brotherhood of Darkness (Montgita) ?
The Empty Crown (?) Found copy. (Torn up). Entertaining fantasy - adventure saga.

Note: My access to the reading books at the library again terminated due to my being on C-Status.

July - No books.

Teresa of Calcutta (Zambonini) Found copy. Okay read.
You Reject Them, You Reject Me (Andrews) Can't remember. Just something to pass the time.
The Traditions of Guiston Bury (Raymond) No memory.

When Time Began (Stichen) Found copy. Interesting.
The Dead Sea Scrolls Found copy. Fascinating and informative background on bible.

Circle of Friends Found copy. (Torn up). Starts off interesting, then very dumb, so bad I quit 1/3 way through.

Leset the Vampire (Rice) Found copy. Very good.

It (Stephen King) Found copy. Read long ago. Much better on second read. (No high expectations this time).
Body of Evidence (Cornwell) Good read.

Note: Also read lots of old found magazines and newspapers all year long.


Books Read in 2003

Note: Still on C-Status, so no access to library reading books. Only what I can find or are loaned to me by friends.

January - No books.
February - No books.
March - No books.

Tribulation Force (La Hay) Loaned to me. One of Left Behind series. Okay read.
Gone But Not Forgotten (?) No memory of it.
In Honor Bound (?) Found copy. (No cover) A very good read. Had read before, but just as good second time.

May - No books.

The Stand (King) Found copy. Read years ago, but better second time. (No high expectations).

Lasher (Rice) Very good. (Second of witch trilogy)

The Unseen Hand (Epperson) No memory.
Street Fights (Martori) Found copy. Good read until the end.
Hannibal (Harris) Very, very good. My second reading. (In fact, so good I read it a third time)
Masons - Conspiracy Against Christianity Loaned to my cellie. Interesting.
Garden of Shadows (VC Andrews) Found copy. Good read.
Ancient Evenings Loaned to me. Interesting at times, but hard to say with other times.

September - No books.

The Circle (Poyer) No memories.
Black Friday (Patterson) Very good.

In Her Defense (Horn) Loaned to me. Good.
Demolition Angel (Chais) " " " "
The Clinic (Kellerman) " " " "
Postern of Fate (AChristie) " " " "
A Nation of Sheep (Lenerer) Given to me. Very interesting conspiracy book.
The Face of Fear (Koontz) Second reading. Good.
One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest (Kesey) Given to me. Very good.

December The Mummy (Rice) Loaned to me. Read years ago. Still a good read the second time.
Postern of Fate (Agatha Christie) Found copy. Okay as something to read.
The Mark , The Desecration, The Remnant All loaned to me. All "Left Behind" series. Entertaining.
House of Thunder (Koontz) Loaner. Good.
Taltos (Rice) Found copy. Very good. (Third of witch trilogy)
Billy Straight (Kellerman) Good read.
Strange Hallways (Koontz) Silly but a good read.

Book Read in 2004

Note: I'm still on C-Status so I've no access to library reading books.

Dan'l Boone (Tyler) (Adventure series) Given to me. Okay reading.
King of the Gypsies (Haas) Given to me. Very interesting look into American gypsy life.

Prague Counterpoint (Thoene) Very good, but part of a series that should be read in correct order.
Armageddon (Lehay) "Left Behind" series. Okay.
Darkness (Saul) Third reading. Interesting horror yarn.
Runaway Jury (Grisham) Superb everything.

Problem of Pain (CS Lewis) No memory.
The Perfect Storm Slow to get interesting but a fascinating one once it gets going.
The Bad Place (Koontz) Loaned to me. Second reading, but still good.

The Diamond Throne (Eddings) Found copy. Good fantasy adventure. Dawn of Prophesy (Eddings) Found copy. Good. California Woman (Knapp) Found copy. Irritatingly dumb characters, but something to read. May
Stone of Tears (Goodkind) Found copy. Excellent fantasy adventure book.

Ride the Dark Trail (Lamour) Found. Good read.
Run, Catch, Kiss (Sohn) Given to my cellie. Has it's moments, but not recommended.
Monkey Station (Mayhair and Fortier) Entertaining.
The Black House (King and Straub) A good horror yarn.
The Regulators (Backman (King)) Okay horror.
The Holy Blood, and the Holy Grail (Lincoln) Given to my cellie. Fascinating information and speculation about Jesus.

Lucifer Dethroned (Schnoebelen) Loaned to me. Fascinating overview of Satanism today.
Honorable Imposter (Morris) Loaned to me. Entertaining. Part of a series.


Note: I got off C-Status, so I'm now accessing reading books at the library again.
The Winter of our Discontent (Steinbeck) Very good.
A Separate Peace (John Knowles) Good.
The Tomb (Wilson) Good.
Valhalla Rising (Cossler) Good.
King Rat (Clavell) Superb. My second reading.
Hornet Flight (Ken Follet) Good.
Fear Nothing (Koontz) Good.
Sheba (Higgens) Good.
Fade (Gormier) Very good. Invisible man story.
Day of Reckoning (Higgens) No memory.
Alien Resurrection (Crispin) Entertaining.

Honk and Hollar Opening Soon (Letts) Loaned to me. Very, very good.
Galapagos (Vonnegut) Good end of world story.
War of the Rats (Robbins) Very good story of WW2 Russian sniper.
Predators (Grazionas and Starlin) Interesting.
Guns of the West (Short Stories) Good.
Shock Wave (Cussler) Good. (Adventure)
Annual of Stars (Bear) Interesting Sci-fi.
The Forge of God (Bear) " "
Where the Heart Is (Letts) Loaner. Very good.
Blood Music (Bear) Okay.
Brotherhood of the Grape (Fante) Found copy. Funny - good.
Gretchen and Nick (Call) A prison church ministry testimonial. (Bunch of lying crap.)

Digital Fortress (Brown) Given to me. Good twisty Hi Tech adventure.
Lost and Never Found (Gustarson) Famous unsolved disappearances.
Shadow Puppets (Card) Good Sci-fi.
An Honorable Spy (Carrier) Okay.
Cold Mountain (Frazier) Very good. Many details different than movie.
Warriors of God (J Reston Jr) Fascinating and well written story of third crusade.
Naked Lunch (Burroughs) Whow! Who knows?

1984 (George Orwell) An awesome story
Salute to the Brave (Tibbets) Interesting collection of war stories that are supposedly true.
Adventure Stories for Boys Superb collection of stories by different authors.
Prey (Crichton) Good.
Sent to the River That God Forgot (Walton) Occasionally very interesting.
Battle Magic (Greenberg and Segriff) Interesting collection of fantasy short stories by different authors.
Tom Jones (Fielding) Hard to stay interested in.

Blood of Heaven (Myers)
Threshold (Myers)
The Lord God Made Them All (Herriet) Great.
The Summertime God (?) Too much American Indian mysticism. Improbable plot.


- Angelo