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Big Rock N Roll
She's Rock N Roll
Big Rockin'
Rock N Roll Balls
She's Got Me Rockin'
Big Money
She's Got It Big
Rock N Roll Rockin'
Rock and Money Keeps My Balls Rockin'
Rock and Roll Venom Injected Into Your Rocking Balls
For Those About To Rock, My Balls Salute You
If You Want Rocking Balls and Money (You Got It)
Give The Dog Some Money (Rock N Roll)
Can I Sit Next To Your Balls?
Let Me Put My Balls Into You
Hells Balls
Venom Prowler to Hell
Let There Be Balls
Dirty Balls Rock in Hell
Night of the Long Rock in Hell Jailbreak Black Prowler
Givin' the Balls High Voltage
Night Squealer
Fly on the Balls
Rising Rock Power in the Hole
She's A Landslide Shakedown of Balls
Deep in Hell's Black Hole (Roll 'N Roll)
This House is a Landslide, Nervous, Rockin' and on Fire
Guns on Fire About to Shake All Night In Your Dog Balls
Blow Up Your Dog
Ain't No Fun Squealin' for Balls in Sin City
Go Down on My Rock 'N Roll Balls
Bad Boy Black Boogie Black Bad Back
Live Wire T.N.T. Overdose
Dog Eat Balls
Back in Balls
Let's Get a Whole Lotta Rockin' In A Bad Place to Be Down
Who Made You a Bad Boy Problem Jack?
She's Got a Thunderstruck Leg
What Balls Are You About To Rock For Money?
The Jack Ain't Ball Pollution

* this doesn't actually exist.

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