The Invisible House

Once there was this Guy that lost his job.
He was fired for coming to work fifteen minutes late.
Everybody told him you'll get something, meaning another job.
But he didn't.
The rent was way behind and the landlord had a big nut to crack himself. Plus he thought the guy was a little crazy.
His wife and he were in a tough spot alright.
Then came the awful day that the landlord told them they would have to leave.
Since they had no money, they donated all of their belongings to a free store and moved into their car.
Guy and his wife determined they would build their own house in the empty lot that was kitty corner to where they had lived. There were plenty of old skids around the neighborhood and he was a pretty smart guy, smarter than the average bear.
When spring came he started to build. At night he would walk the alleys and gather building materials, by day he dug the foundation.
They lived on baloney sandwiches that they purchased with their link card at the Aldi.
Everything was going well and they were very happy.
One morning as he was lining the foundation with bricks he had scavenged, a homeless man asked for a dollar so he could catch the bus. Guy explained to him that they had no money but would the man like a baloney sandwich? I would said the man. Guy was hungry too and Guy's wife made them both a sandwich.
One for each of them.
I see what you are doing said the man and you can't do that. Why not? asked Guy.
The Man is going to shut you down said the man.
Why would he do that? asked Guy.
Because he can't stand to see people live. It irks him.
Then I won't let him see it said Guy. I know a way to make the house invisible.
Back in the day Guy had worked for a defense contractor in the neighborhood that had built an invisible airplane. When they were finished they had no use for the leftover invisible paint and they stacked the buckets of paint out in the yard behind the factory. Guy snuck in the yard after dark and carried out buckets of paint each night until he thought he had enough to cover the house he would build.
So each day he nailed up the skid lumber and each day he would pause to paint what he had built with the invisible paint.
And so it went.
The only hitch were the windows. Although the paint was invisible from the outside, from the inside it was just like ordinary black paint.
Guy reasoned the windows were clear, so they wouldn't be all that noticeable, if he didn't paint them.
Finally the day came when the house was complete and they were able to move in.
They went to the free store and picked out furnishings for their new house.
They finally had a place of their own.

It was only a matter of time before someone noticed the cat sitting perched in the window. At first it was two or three people watching from the sidewalk.
Then five, then twelve.
A crowd.
Enough two draw the attention of the local 5-0, which is what the neighborhood kids named the police.
What's the problem here? they wanted to know.
There's no problem officer, there's a cat sitting in a window suspended in mid air...
Now the cops in Guy's neighborhood were sharper than most.
Able to figure out that there was an invisible structure in the lot.
It bothered them. It drew a crowd.
They had a court order drawn up for a cease and desist proclamation.
Then they served Guy and his wife with it.
Guy asked exactly what it was that he would be ceasing and desisting.
What you are doing He was told.
I'm living, Guy said.
Not here you're not he was told.
Yes here I am.

Guy and his wife went out for a walk.
When they came back the police were gone.

That night Guy painted their windows shut.


- LG