tonight at the bar my friend ryan told us about LOVEBUGS

he grew up in FL. they are all over the place there. He said that they are named lovebugs because when they mate they look like one creature with two heads.

He also said that there is a very pervasive myth in FL that the bugs are the result of an experiment gone awry at the University (he mentioned the Gatorade thing, do you know that myth/truth?)

anyway, here's some more info and pictures.

it has been a very ausgang trip in terms of topics of conversations! 4 of us had this really hard, strange talk about radical dental surgery in the car yesterday.

claude, the guy who put together this conference, used to be a garbageman and told us the following:

he was driving a garbage truck and someone must have thrown charcoal in their trash that didn't air out properly, ignition, and then there was a fire stuck inside the truck. all the trash on fire.

so the company / fire safety policy is to DUMP THE CONTENTS OF THE TRUCK IMMEDIATELY ON THE ROAD and wait for the fire dept to come put out the flaming trash. then you pick up the soggy trash and put it back in your truck and keep going.

so he chose to dump his load (like 8 tons) right on the street in the suburb he hated the most -- there was a poo slick embedded by the time they were done.


- Salem Collo-Julin