Choo Choo Restaurant
Des Plaines, IL

Escanaba MI

White Palace Grill
Chicago, IL

McKamey's Pharmacy
Zionsville, IN

Recreation Center & Cafe
Wilson, KS

The Halfway House/Cafe BBQ
on Sierra Highway, CA

New Orleans, LA

Watkins Grill
Raleigh, NC

The Drive Inn
Hurricane, UT

Robert's Drive-In
Victor, IO

Hagan Cafe
Blanchard, OK

Lil's Cafe
Aquila, AZ

Prinell, KS

Lew's Drive-In
Helper, UT

Redwood Restaurant
Rockford, Il

Encinataas Cafe
Encinatas, CA

Oasis Truck Stop
Westville, IN

Food Pit Truck Stop
W. of Kalamazoo, MI

Viking Family Restaurant
& Lounge Baraboo, WI

Babylon Cafe
Memphis, TN

Cafe Dusseldorf
San Francisco, CA

St. George, UT

Pop's Place
Wheelersburg, OH