Mairead Corrine Case was born in Nebraska, October, 1983. When she was a baby her hair was bright orange, but when she was older it wasn't. Her name always rhymed with "parade." Mairead enjoyed costumes, thunder, and salty liquorice mice. She vanished from May 1999 - June 2000, when her mother pulled her up but didn't cling. M. went to Catholic school for 12 years, tapdanced for 8, and sold her football tickets. Favorite roles included We Survived the Tornado, Rabid Feminist Blogger, Antigone, Your Girlfriend, and the Mock Turtle. Mairead read Moby Dick at least twice, as it is her favorite book. (Was her favorite book.) She died in color and sarcasm. Remembrances to the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls, please.


- Mairead Case