Michael Jackson's Corpse

Today I made Michael Jackson's corpse.
We added some paint to the paper mache which made it look a little like tuna fish.
I also painted his coffin but I'll show you that later on.

Michael Jackson was a good singer. He made Thriller. His family was at the funeral and his kids including Paris, the little girl (Janet Jackson's niece). Stevie Wonder was also there. He sang and played the piano and then everyone got together and sang "We Are The World." We had a nice time seeing Michael Jackson's funeral on TV. It was a nice funeral.

I also want to make the bodies of Farrah Fawcet, Walter Cronkite, Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson, and the five Stooges, although they only show three of them on TV at the same time.

[I have to say that the glittered covered stump may be the detail that I'm most proud of, but Luke's modeling of the nose area is very true to life. Marc F]













- Coffin is by John King, Michael Jackson's body is by Luke Tauber with Marc Fischer.