Good Friends


Whenever they laid down, Steven always crawled over her to the wall side. Liked to feel her from behind at night when he was half drunk or half asleep or half forgetting what was going on. Nothing was. Thats what he told himself, and everytime after it was finished, he told her.

"I just want to hold you Stevie" she'd said, when they were sun soaking earlier that afternoon in her backyard. He'd known Betty for some months. Before they had hooked up he had told her she was an angel. Explained that things were complicated with him. Once, when he was drunk, he had even said he loved her. They clicked somehow. She was a real friend. Whenever they ended up under his blue duvet on the dirty sheets he talked to her that way, like a good friend. Liked to tell her normal things.

"My boss is taking a cruise next year," he said, "He's taking me and the guys with. Except Tom. Tom's girlfriend would never let him go with the new baby and all."

"You're a good worker." she said in a drowsy voice, "Always doing extra." she said. "Did you finish buffing his car today?"

He moved his hand up her thigh and let it rest on the curve of her butt. She nestled a little closer. He moved aside her panties just a little. Betty had a good ass; Steven liked the clean sound it made when he slapped it. But not just yet.

"Almost done. I need to take it to the Arcolo tomorrow and vacuum out the inside. You know, polish up the dash a little."

Betty turned her head slightly. Enough that he could see into her hazel eyes. Sometimes he couldn't figure out what she was thinking. She could look at him longer than any girl he knew. Usually he looked away first.

"How's your back feeling? " she asked, putting one leg on top of his. "Should I give you a massage?" She gave him a devilish little smile. It was their joke.

"You know, with a happy ending."

She giggled as he reached his hand around to her front, his fingers still edged under her panties. She liked him. He knew that. He liked her too. So when she wanted to stay over, he let her. Even made her breakfast in bed.

"Feels like somebodies awake back there." she said, laying her head back down on the pillow. He pressed up against her.

"I thought we weren't going to do this anymore," he said, slipping his boxers down and off one leg. He took a good look at her from behind. Betty was a few years older. She wasnt twenty five anymore, but she looked young enough. Maybe her breasts weren't as perky, but she was slim, and little. He liked that she fit in the curve of his body when they layed like spoons, liked holding her. Steven moved his hand up to her belly letting the elastic of her panties snap slightly against her skin.

"I know." said Betty "We shook on it, remember. Or were you too drunk? That was the night we tried to become blood brothers with your car key. Remember?" She laughed again.

Betty was one to laugh with. Just as good to fuck. A few weeks back she had come over to eat dinner and watch a movie. They had ended up lying side by side on the bed. "I want to watch some porn Stevie," she'd said, "Turn on some porn." And he did. Free stuff off the internet. When the teen girl came on with her pink lollipop, Betty had gotten riled up, gotten a bit squirmy. But that was still when they were trying to keep a cool on things.

"No fair," she had said pushing him a little. "You watch this stuff all the time. I'm not used to this. Its making me hot." He had offered to drive her home, but they'd just wrestled a little and then dressed. Now, they still say the same things, but they always do the other. He leaned over to smell her skin, kissing her shoulder.

"We are some kind of funny friends," he said.

"I know. I know the story Steve." She sighed a little and turned over to look at him. When she really looked at him, she always saw two different things. Right now she just saw his unshaven chin. She bit one of the stubble hairs.

"Ouch. Stop that." He laughed and swatted her behind. She let him move her panties aside, pressing back when he moved up against her. He was good with his fingers. She had a thing for working guys, and Steven was especially sweet. A good bad-guy is what he always told her. Betty moved her hand behind her to his back, pulling him closer. It always felt so right to be with him. Sometimes she had a tingling feeling in the palms of her hands and feet. She really liked him. She didn't know if he knew that, even though it seemed pretty obvious to her.

"I want you inside me." She whispered, trying not to think about the girl he had taken home last weekend from the bar. When he had told her in the car, his mouth was laughing, like she might find it funny he had woken up with someone else. His mouth was laughing, but she didnt know about his eyes. She didnt look into his eyes, couldn't. Out the window their had been sheep passing by, and a little black lamb scrambling away from the road. A black sheep in the white flock. That she had found funny; how cliche life could be. She had even laughed out loud.

Betty turned all the way over, facing him. She liked it from behind, especially in the mornings half asleep. Lately, though, it bothered her how they never kissed anymore. They had watched some porn together a few weeks back. The next day she had realized something; her and Steven were only fucking now. She couldn't call it making love. When they first met, it had been different; closer. Now they were always holding back. Doing but pretending not to. She stretched up, putting her lips to his, then pulled her panties all the way off.

Usually when it was over, Steven would get up to check the news. He always did that. Betty thought it was cute. She liked to look at him, at the stretch marks on his back, at the way he leaned forward just a little when clicking the mouse or how his hair would stick out like a kid. He would turn to her smiling then, all teeth, announcing "some teen singer just got arrested importing coke" or "the government is declaring a war again".

Today, though, he got up and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he tossed a roll of toilet paper onto the bed so she could clean up, and left again. Betty looked at a crack in the ceiling by the window. It was spidering farther down than the last time she had noticed. She heard him turn on the shower. It was a clear sky outside, and the breeze smelled smokey from a bbq somewhere in the neighborhood. Steven's cat jumped onto the ledge.

"Here kitty kitty" she said, "Come snuggle with me, Tiger." Betty made kissing sounds, putting her arm out and wiggling her fingers. "Here kitty kitty kitty" she said again. The cat jumped onto the bed and climbed onto Betty's stomach. His fur felt soft against her skin. When Steven came back into the room they both turned and looked at him. He sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his feet with an old towel, adjusting himself just slightly.

"Your cat is trying to seduce me." she said, putting her hand on Steven's back, letting it slide down his spine to the bed. She could never keep from touching him. He was a good snuggler, but touching had taken some time. Cuddle therapy is what she called it, teasing him when his muscles tightened just a little under her fingertips and then relaxed.

"You forgot your earrings in the bathroom." he said. "Funny. Tiger doesn't usually take to girls. He must like you. Huh, Tiger?" He picked up the cat gently, and set it on the ground by the wet towel. He laid down next to Betty. He smiled at her, putting his arm around her waist and pulling her close. Betty moved her hair off the pillow with one sweep of her hand.

"Your a really good friend." he said, putting his fingers through hers.

"Steven." she said, "I can't do this anymore."


- Rebecca Moran