I don't want to wear a sundress or sway to the music.
I'm tired of finding ten dollar bills on the front steps.
Of looking up what's on TV between 3:30 and 5:00 a.m.

I'm not trying to make your feel bad or threaten you with anything
But can you come by? I don't say it'll be fun. It probably wont. It might only take a half hour or so before I get embarrassed and ask you to leave again.

There're flies and blood-stained tissues, empty bottles and broken glass. I know you've outgrown all of this.

But I haven't.
I have outgrown sleeping.
And laughing (it feels like)
And drinking glasses of water
Or soda

Can you bring over a game?
Not food.
That's a thing I use to distance myself further from people
Do you know any stories?

I know you're busy.
F'you can't make it, don't bother saying why.
Then I'll have to tell you not to worry and "Oh, it's all right."

When it's not.


- Anonymous