Carey rises and turns his body so that his face is at Cody's cock, and Cody's face is at his. He starts licking and sucking and saying, "Oh man Cody, you are huge--your cock is amazing," as he's trying to fit Cody's enormous cock in his mouth. Cody has never been sucked, never sucked anybody, before.

Carey's dick is small, thin. He had imagined it bigger, like his, but now there's something really exciting about the size fitting Carey, being exactly right for him, and it's really making Cody hot. He takes Carey in his mouth and starts to suck, up and down, letting the head slide along the roof of his mouth, then taking it out and licking it all over with his tongue. He feels like he could come any second, it's a feeling like he's never had, the way Carey is sucking him.

He takes Carey's dick in his mouth again, all the way in. Carey is spreading Cody's ass and starting to run his finger up and down his crack, he's moaning, getting louder. Suddenly Cody feels the hot explosion of come in his mouth. Carey is coming hard, it's filling his mouth and shooting straight down his throat. He comes for a full minute, hot, salty, and thick in Cody's mouth, still squirting when Cody knows he's going to come too.

- Terry Durst