I had a dog named Bear for a while, we were living in an apartment complex in Elk Grove Village when we got him from a shelter, after the management found out about him they gave me an ultimatum, get rid of the dog or face eviction, we had ten days to comply, the only option was to take him to the pound where he would possibly be destroyed after a period of time. He was a good dog so we found a complex in St. Charles that allowed dogs and we moved out on or about the ten day deadline. Hamilton Court, the complex that had given us the ultimatum sent me a bill for the rest of the term of the lease and also a new carpet, which I never paid, they were pissed, but fuck them.

Bear used to eat clothing, he ate the crotch out of my ex-wifes jeans more than once.

I guess one day he must have eaten a white t-shirt, or a pillowcase, which he couldn't quite pass, because after he squatted to take his dump he had this long white streamer coming out of his butt about maybe an inch wide like the tail of a kite and as he walked it was blowing in the wind. I thought having a dog with a streamer out his ass was really a cool thing and I walked him for a while that way laughing my ass off.

Finally I did pull the streamer out of his butt.

One day while I was at work he bit my wife's hand and she needed stitches. We were really broke because my wife had a huge crack habit and I couldn't get a bank account and had to keep all my cash on my person and she would steal money while I slept, so I couldn't afford a rabies vaccination. Animal control had been notified and they informed me that Bear would have to be quarantined for observation for a period of ten days. The cost of the quarantine was over 500.00, which I didn't have and my only other choice was to have him put down so they could test him. Broke my fuckin heart.

On the day he was put down I fed him a can of corned beef hash for his last meal, and took him for a last walk. We went in the office with him and stayed with him through the injections until he was gone.

He was a great dog.


- LG